I decided to go on a weight loss program from the terrifying thought of going up yet another dress size.

People have many reasons to lose weight but mine was recognizing I was fat and admitting it to myself. My weight was starting to get out of control and I had to do something.

I was getting too big for my own comfort zone and vanity played a big part as to the reason I decided to change my life. I know it’s not a very inspirational reason, but if people didn’t care what they looked like they wouldn’t lose weight. I could have said my health, but that wouldn’t be the truth. I wanted to look good in clothes and not waddle when I walked any more.

Before this realization that I was fat I had never considered myself as having a weight problem and I was happy.

My husband on the other hand chose to lose weight for his health. Having a severe back problem means the more weight he was humping around the more pain he felt, so he decided to lose weight at the same time for medical reasons.

Motivated to Lose Weight

Weight Loss ProgramsI was fine with being a UK size 16, it never bothered me that I was chubby. Compared to everyone else on the high street I looked the same as they did, carrying a bit of excess weight is normal. In the UK the average woman is now a size 16 – I’m not young or looking for a date, so not being at peek appearance wasn’t an issue.

A size 18 snook up on me, but I didn’t really notice or care. It wasn’t until I had to buy bigger underwear to fit my enormous backside into, that alarm bells started to ring. 6 months later I had put on more weight and was looking at a size 22! :o

Morbidly Obese : NO WAY!

A size 22-24 was too big in my minds eye I didn’t want to be a size 22 plus. At a size 22 I would have to start buying my clothes from specialist shops that catered for the larger lady and I didn’t want that for myself. I had already grown out of my clothes and was squeezing into my husband’s 36″ jeans.

I complained to my husband one day – now my hubby is a very smart, but blunt man and he made me see I was fat, but he also told me how to lose the weight.

My Weight Loss Plan Worked

I started on my weight loss journey from the dieting advice of my very intelligent hubby and it worked.

I will admit before I started on my weight loss program I never thought I would get back to the size I was when I was a teen. I was aiming for a possible size 14. At a size 14 I would have been ecstatic after being a plus 20, but to achieve a size 8-10 at the age of 38 is mind blowing and I couldn’t be happier.

Dropping a Jean Size

Drop a Jean SizeMy hubby started out in 38″ jeans before our diet and now he’s fitting into 28″ jeans. He doesn’t remember ever being that small :). He’s done far better than I have and losing the weight has helped his overall health.

Deciding to lose weight was the best decision we made as a couple.

Marie xxx