I lost weight without exercise, no insanity workout dvds, boot camp exercise fitness regime, no jogging programs or sweating in a gym.

I lost weight by concentrating on my diet and it worked for me.

I lost 4 stone by doing no excessive exercise and lost my extra pounds in 8-12 months through diet.

I didn’t sign up to a gym membership, workout with strangers in a Zumba class, follow a fitness program at home or do any fitness training to lose weight fast. I avoided high cardio exercisers during my weight loss program so it wouldn’t interfere with my results.

Exercise vs Diet

Weight Loss Without Exercise – Can It Be Done

Can you lose weight without exercise? Yes I’m the proof of that. Should it be done?

I’m no expert on weight loss all I can say is from personal experience no exercise program has ever helped me to lose weight. I love exercise and sports, but while I was losing weight I didn’t exercise excessively.

I didn’t exercise while I was losing weight and it worked.

I know from past experience that when an injury happens it can make people stumble on there progress to lose weight or fitness. Injuries stop you in your tracks and it’s harder to reestablish the motivation. I didn’t want anything getting in my way or stopping me from my goal.

That’s not to say I didn’t do any exercise at all during my weight lose plan. I did exercise but it was regular gentle exercise.

Easy Exercise Program – Walking Routine

I’ve been walking 5 miles of brisk walking a day for over 5 years.
I break it up into two 2 1/2 mile routes and it takes around 45-50 minutes to complete one circuit.

I started my daily walking routine years before I decided to lose weight. I knew walking was an exercise that kept me fit, but never made a difference to my weight or muscle mass, so it wouldn’t interfere with my weight loss results.

Walking Programs

Insanity Exercise Workout – Lets Walk Before We Can Run

A lot of high cardio fitness programs like insanity workouts are filled with unnatural positions and movements for the human body to perform, not to mention for the unfit and overweight human body to perform, so I went for a more natural exercise to avoid injuries and walking fitted the bill.

Running Programs – No thanks Not Straight Away

Why go for a walking routine over running. Walking is more natural and a far easier exercise program than it’s counterpart running. Walking is also a great introduction before starting a running program, it builds up your speed, stamina and endurance exactly the same as running.

You wouldn’t expect a baby to run before it could walk and the same goes for adults? Theres nothing wrong with building up your strength slowly rather than jumping straight into the hard stuff. For reasons ‘I don’t understand’ people always want to lose weight fast or do a fast fitness program to change there life overnight. I’m a practical soul and know through experience slow and steady wins the race.

It took time to gain weight and lose fitness, so it’s going to take time to lose weight and gain fitness.

Weight Loss Through Exercise

You can’t out exercise a bad diet, if your consuming more calories than your body needs then your body is going to turn the extra calories into fat.

Get Fit Lose Weight

Those extra calories in your diet are determined by how many extra calories there are in your system per day through the food you choose to eat. Your in-control over how much you eat, don’t eat a dough nut or a extra sausage on your plate and it’s not in your body causing you to gain any extra pounds.

Exercise on the other hand has a lot of differentials like age, metabolism. health and how efficient your body is at burning extra calories in your diet. Exercise compared to controlling your diet is a lot harder to achieve because a lot of it is out of your hands. Your system determines how many calories to use and it is efficient at not using up to many calories to move your muscles, good job too or we would drop down dead if we went for a jog or had to run for our lives.

Exercise Vs Diet – Which one to Choose

Exercise does use energy to move your muscles and this is how the theory behind weight loss through exercise came into existence. It sounds like a sensible, simple equation, but scientists are discovering that the ratio to calories consumed in a bad diet vs calories used in activity are not as directly linked as it was first thought.

for every 500 extra calories in your diet per day (which is the equivalent of eating 1 dough nut) means an adult would have to do 1hr of high intensive aerobic exercise. If you already have thousands of calories stored in you body and you are continuing to eat hundred or thousands of extra calories per day you can see how it would be difficult to lose weight just through exercise.

If you ate a chocolate bar, a big bag of chips, couple of large cups of soda and ate a Mcdonald’s meal as well as too much food on your plate at meal times you could be looking at around 10 hrs of intensive exercise a day to work it off! and that’s before you start working off what body fat you already have stored.

Weight Loss- Choice

It’s easier to just say NO to food you don’t need than to exercise to lose weight.

Imagine your body is a fire, if you pump air into a fire it burns faster, the air would be the equivalent of exercise on the body, but if you keep shoveling on fuel (food) then no amount of extra air (exercise) will burn all the additional fuel (food).

Benefits of Exercise

You can defiantly lose weight without doing any excessive exercise, but exercise has it’s own health benefits so I wouldn’t advocate eliminating exercise from your weight loss plans altogether. Weight loss and exercise are still great partners

The health benefits of exercise are irrefutably beneficial to your body and over all health. Exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, is good for your mental health and well being, gives you more energy and keeps your body strong.

Fitness Program

Fitness Programs – Exercise at Home Through Play

Now I have lost the weight my next challenge is to get fitter and tighter by following my own exercise program at home using Youtube fitness videos for some free exercise programs, as well as using my weight training bench. I wont be going to the gym to exercise – I don’t like exercising in front of others and the gym equipment is scary :) I’ll stick to my free weights and hula hoop – I love to play so I’m always looking for a fun workout. Every game I own for my Wii and X-box kinect are fitness games. I have loads of them!

Weight Lose Motivation – Inspiration to Becoming an Exercise Goddess

It’s amazing the motivation losing weight can bring.

*First losing weight gave me the motivation to changed my diet for the better

*it strengthened my mind and attitude towards food and healthier eating,

*Now losing weight has inspired me to get fit.

Fitness Motivation – Looking Good

Believe it or not but one of the best motivational pieces of exercise equipment is a long length mirror! Might sound vain but it really helps to motivate yourself by seeing the changes in your body while you workout, I now know why they have mirror walls in gyms it works wonders to motivate yourself.

Training Program – Weight Training at Home

Getting fit fast isn’t my style but I’ll get there. I’ve been doing my home exercise program for a few months and I have new muscles in my shoulders and arms and I’ve got more core strength. Once you start exercising it becomes addictive and feels so good.

I’m looking forward to being a fitness goddess with a six pack. I can’t wait to see those before and after pictures :)

Marie XXX