You are NOT Fat, You Have Fat, Fat Does NOT Define You.

It certainly doesn’t, What’s more important that your fat or that your someone who’s mean. Which one is the most negative point and the most ugly in a person.

Being fat doesn’t stop you from being happy, having manners, helping others, loving yourself, loving life or being confident. There is so much more to a person than their appearance, so wake up and tell yourself everyday why your a wonderful person and don’t concentrate on your size because size doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters about being over weight is whether it is affecting your health or not, not what you look like.

Concentrate instead on what is good about you and remind yourself of all the good moments and deeds you have done in your life and walk with your head held high.

Weight loss quotes to inspire and motivate

Weight Loss Quote You Are Not Fat Quote

You are NOT fat,
you Have fat,
fat does NOT define you.

Being fat is something you can change like your job or your hair, Fat is not who you are, same as your job isn’t who you are. Being fat does NOT define YOU!