Weight Loss is NOT a physical challenge, it’s a mental one – great quote and absolutely true.

Inspiration, strength, determination, positivity, willpower, enthusiasm, encouragement, desire, pride all comes from the mind Your Mind.

It’s a common mistake to believe Weight loss is totally physical but it’s most defiantly a challenge of the mind. If your mind isn’t sorted out first before you decide to lose weight then your not going to lose weight.

If your not prepared to do what it takes then you wont be able to take yourself anywhere.

You are the only one that can motivate you, your the only one who can give yourself a kick up the bum if needed, slim down and get yourself into those skinny jeans and you are the only one who can cheer you on with love and life experiences.

A Quote About Life

Weight Loss Quote Mental One

Life Quote – Weight loss is not a physical challenge, it’s a mental one

Inspiration, willpower, determination and motivation are not physical traits there all powers of the mind. Every decision is yours and yours alone to make.

Don’t go into a diet with negative thoughts/excuses or you have lost the battle before you start. Positive thoughts, acceptance, patience and love for yourself are what will make you successful at losing weight.

The mind rules all and you rule over your mind, no ones more powerful than you in determining your own future.