Why smaller portions was the best weight loss program for me.

This might sound a little strange and go against the status quo, but I lost weight without doing any excessive exercise and I carried on eating exactly the same food I’ve always eaten.

No silly fad diets, no exhausting exercise, no sacrifices on what I ate – so how did I lose the weight?

Simple, I stopped being greedy and cut down on the amount of food I ate.

Best Weight Loss Program Smaller Portion Size

Smaller portions was the key to my weight loss or should I say ‘our’ since my hubby has also lost weight this way. No more hearty portion sizes just reasonable portions of food on our plates.

Best Weight Loss Plan Women

Losing Weight at Christmas – Say What?

Best weight loss diet ever – eating this way I even managed to loose weight at Christmas!

The strategy was to eat the exact same food we always ate, just smaller portions of that exact same food. That included everything we ate, so snacks were also reduced in size, then frequency. What was a daily junk food snack has become an occasional treat and is a very rare occurrence in our diet plan, but we still eat them when we fancy them nothing on the small portion diet is denied. A doughnut for example is shared between my hubby and I or I save the other half for another day rather than 1 or 2 doughnuts each like it used to be.

Easy diet plan to follow

Our first steps were to cut our portion sizes down to what we felt comfortable eating, when our bodies had adjusted we reduced our food down a little further until we were eating a more sensible amount of food on our plates, an amount that didn’t make us feel hungry and now keeps our weight stable.

Our success in weight loss happened over several months NOT overnight.

Best thing about this losing weight this way is you’re in total control of your actions, it is totally up to you how much you reduce your portion sizes down too and when. The key is to cut down on all portion sizes of everything on your plate not just one item of food, so that includes piles of mash potatoes, gravy, ketchup, snacks, puddings – everything.

Weight Loss Was Easy, didn’t feel like a diet

We found our weight loss plan easy because it was a slow and gradual change rather than an over night solution to being fat. It gave our bodies time to adjust and wasn’t a shock to the system since we were eating the same food, but in smaller portions over weeks and months.

We still ate all the food groups we normally ate, we didn’t follow a no carbs diet cut, we didn’t drink loads of water to fill our stomachs before eating food or wear a eye mask at the dinner table, We didn’t follow any silly celebrity diet plans like the lemon diet.

Gentle Weight Loss Program

No tricks or extreme diet routines. We ate what we wanted, when we wanted it, the only thing that changed was how much we ate.

That’s why I liked the way we lost weight it was a gentle transition. No more of a chore taking off the weight as it was putting it on.

Weight Loss Motivation

I know losing weight is supposed to be hard and requires motivation to continue slimming down long term, but we found it easy on this diet. We never felt hungry, tired, grumpy or depressed while we were on our diet program, the only motivation we needed to encourage us was seeing our slimmer frames in our baggy clothes. It was so simple, we took it slowly a day at a time, deciding if and when we where ready to cut our food down a little further.

Eating Healthier

During the process of reducing our portion sizes our attitude to food changed and we started to eat healthier over the course of our weight loss plan.

Best Way to Lose Weight

Eating healthier wasn’t a part of the plan originally we were aiming at losing a modest amount of weight – drop a couple of jeans sizes at best. We never thought we would be so successful, losing the weight encouraged us to eat better food, our diet evolved over the course of our weight loss program we now eat a more Mediterranean diet and our mindset is more of a French diets ethos.

My husband needed this time to change his attitude towards what he ate, before our diet he only liked 4 vegetables and the odd piece of fruit :) Now he even eats brussel sprouts and broccoli

Losing Weight This Way Sure Did Work For Us :)

I’m now the size I was as a teen and I’m almost 40. Our diet and out look to food and life evolved after seeing our results from our weight loss and we wanted more. Being slimmer encouraged us to be healthier and care about what we were putting into our bodies, we have greatly reduced sugar in our diet and fatty food.

Best thing of all our grocery bills have also lost weight, we spend a lot less on the weekly shop than we used to when we had a bad diet.

Tea Without Sugar – OH MY!

The most extreme thing I did during our diet was I stopped nibbling on food while I was cooking dinner and I went cold turkey on sugar in my tea and coffee…. I know what your thinking ‘I’m a rebel’ :)

They were little changes I felt I could do from day one.

My husband doesn’t have sugar in his tea any more, but it took him months to wean himself of the white stuff completely, a bit at a time.

Weight Loss Advice

I’m not telling anyone that this diet is a miracle cure for losing weight. This is mine and my husbands personal experience of our weight loss journey, all I can say is it worked for us and hope it motivates you.

Best advice I can give anyone when they choose to slim down is always remember it took time to put the excess weight on so it’s going to take time to take it off, the good news is it doesn’t take as long as you might think to drop a jean size or two.

Within 12 months I had gone from a UK dress size 20 plus to 12, within 24 months I’m now a size 8 and stable and eating a healthier diet.

I wish everyone great success in their weight loss endeavor what ever it may be.

Marie xxx