Here are my obligatory before and after weight loss pictures to show you what I looked like before starting my diet.

I’m sitting here bitting my lip and cringing, it’s a bit weird knowing people are viewing what I looked like before I started losing weight and judging me, but thats the point of before and after photographs.

I hate having my picture taken at the best of times now I’m going public :o whatever next!

Before and After Weight Loss Photos – This is Going to be Embarrassing!

I’ve dragged my husband into this since both I and my hubby have lost weight at the same time and I’m showing pictures of us both to show what we looked like as a couple before we took the plunge and started our weight loss program. I think it gives a nice contrast between men and womens before and after shots

I wont be alone in my embarrassment and we’ll be wincing behind a cushion together. There are advantages to losing weight together as a couple :)

Couples Before and After Weight Loss

There are none of those practically naked before and after pictures of me in my underwear in front of the mirror that everyone seems to do now days. As the saying goes you lose weight to look good in clothes – you exercise to look good naked.

Before and After Men Pictures

My hubby seems to have carried his weight evenly spread over his body, it’s hard to spot he was over weight…..typical

Before and After Weight Loss Men

Before and After Women Pictures

Me I looked like I was one of the lucky golden ticket holders and won a VIP trip to Willy Wonker’s Chocolate factory and I beat Augustus Gloop to the chocolate river :)

My Weight seems to have sunk to the bottom of my body it’s all in my bum, thighs and legs. The joke goes women with big boobs can use them as a life preserver, me, I’d float to the surface upside down with my massively inflated butt. No wonder I always stay out of the water :)

Before and After Weight Loss Women

Easy Weight Loss – It’s Not Hard to Lose Weight On this Diet Plan

Weight loss was easy. I know it’s supposed to be hard, but our diet plan meant we lost weight without even noticing it. We lost our extra pounds of weight gain on the portions diet plan. It’s great you get to eat what ever you want there are no sacrificing on your favorite foods.

Before we started to lose weight in October 2011 for me and December 2011 for my husband, I was a fraction off 12 stone and at 5’2″ that it way over my ideal BMI weight for a little tiddler like me. Most 12 year olds are taller than I am :) My hubby was over 14 stone before he decided to lose weight.

Before and After-Weight Loss Success

Weight Loss Inspiration

I hope our photos have inspired some people to lose weight and follow a weight loss program what ever it maybe, that works for them and our pictures gives some hope that it can be done.

It’s amazing how different you can look after losing weight. It’s difficult to recognize yourself.

Marie xxx