I’ve got some interesting weight loss tips for anyone interested in following the blindfold diet.

The first steps to losing weight might be as simple as wearing a blindfold while you eat.

Portion distortion is ruining peoples waistline and is a detrimental to our health. The majority of us who are over weight are eating to much food on our plates. It turns out losing weight could be a simple case of reducing our meals down by 30-50% of what we are eating at present.

My Hubby and I lost weight exactly by doing just that, we reducing our food portions down by 30% on the portion control diet. It worked a treat and was a really easy weight loss plan.

Blindfold Diet Finds Perfect Portion Size

The blindfold diet is a great way to find out what a perfect portion size for you and to determine how much extra food you are tending to eat at meal times so you can reduce your portion to the correct portions size. scientist have been studying the blindfold diet as a means to see if we can curb over eating.

The blindfold diet works by taking away our vision so we can better understand our bodies natural signals that tells us we are full and need to stop eating rather than eating what we see which has been discovered is a very real trigger to over eating.

Wearing a blindfold to dinner is a lot of fun but is also a real eye opener to see how much food you might be over feeding your body. If you give the blindfold diet a try you will be shocked at how little food you need to feel full.

Blindfold Diet Plan

Top Tips To The Blindfold Diet

Best way to give you some top weight loss tips about the blindfold diet is to answer questions you might have before trying it out so you can get the most out of the diet plan.

*What Is The Blindfold Diet Used For – To educate yourself on how much food you need to feel full and raise awareness on correct portion sizes.

*How Often Do I Need To Eat Blindfolded – It’s up to you, You could try it for one meal, a day, a week, a month …. Whatever feels right. You can stop once you have a good idea of how much food you really need on your plate to keep you full.

*Should I keep Using The Blindfold Diet – It’s up to you, if you can handle every meal in the dark then yes. If not then reducing your portion size to the same as you where eating on the blindfold diet should aid in weight loss. Personally I come back to the blindfold diet to keep a check on my portion size to make sure I’m not over eating and use it in combination with the portion control diet which has been a success for me.

*Will I Feel Hungry Sooner If I Eat Smaller Meals – No, research showed that there was NO drop in hunger levels. A smaller meal had the same effect on hunger as a large meal in how long it for-filled participants until they needed to eat again, there is no difference between a large meal and a small meal. Bigger is not better and does not last longer.

*Should I Use The Blindfold Diet At Every Meal – You can, but the main point is to show you how much food you need to keep you satisfied and full. Your results should educate you so you can adjust your portion size on your plate at meal times by teaching you the correct amount you should be eating. Then transfer that education to your real life situation. You don’t have to eat in the dark forever if you don’t want to.

*Will The Blindfold Diet Help Me Lose Weight – Yes, eating sensible sized portions will aid in weight loss. The blindfold diet by it’s self might be difficult to keep up once the novelty of wearing a blindfold to dinner has worn off, this diet plan is more of a fun weight loss activity than a weight loss plan per-say. The blindfold diet is the perfect stepping stone however to a portion control diet which if implemented into your diet can maintain a perfect weight through portion control.

Blindfold Diet

The Blindfold Diet’s Perfect Partner

The blindfold diet and the portion control diet are perfect partners. On the blindfold diet you learn what the correct portion size is for you and on the portion control diet you use that information when eating at meal times to reduce your food consumption to an ideal portion that keeps you satisfied until your next meal.

If you choose to keep eating these smaller amounts of food at every meal time you should lose weight.

Weight Loss Tips on the Blindfold Diet

I’ve compiled some top tips to help you along the way to lose weight with the blindfold diet so you might find it easier to use this advice as part of a diet plan.

1) Don’t Eat By Hand or From a Packet – On the blindfold diet the point is to not be able to judge how much food your eating, if you eat by hand you will know how much food you have left and could defeat the point of being in the dark.

2) Eat your food Out of Bowls – Eating from a bowl stops you from knowing how much food is left, which means you have to listen to your stomach to know when you are full. It also cut’s down on the mess by keeping the food more contained. If you are eating off a plate try a plate with a rim so food doesn’t escape

3) Cut Up Food and Mix It Together if You Can Before Eating – This will help when eating things like sausages. If you leave them whole then you will know how many there are and how many are left. Cutting them up into bite sized pieces and mixing everything together takes away the ability to knowing how much you have eaten.

4) Take The Time To Sit Down and Have a Proper Meal – It’s easier to do the blindfold diet if your at a table. Taking your time eating a proper meal, rather than a quick bite on the go will help you notice when you are full more easily.

5) Try and Get Someone To Sit With You At Meal Times – They can tell you where your food is and they will be good company while your in the dark :)

6) Don’t Feel Bad About Leaving Food – In the long run if you cut your portion sizes down you will be wasting less food by avoiding over consumption in the future.

7) Give Yourself Time – give yourself time to adjust to the blindfold diet and don’t expect results to fast. If you lose 1-2lbs a week your on the right track and it’s working in helping you to lose weight. It might not seem like much, but 1-2lbs a week can add up to 52-104lbs in 12 months. You didn’t pile on the pounds over night and you shouldn’t expect to lose weight that fast either, it’s bad for your health to lose to much weight to quickly