Easiest weight loss tips to follow at Christmas to control your weight during the Christmas celebrations are right here all in one place

My husband and I have used these great weight lose tips for years to control our weight during the Christmas season.

First tips to losing weight at Christmas has to be about alcohol and sugary drinks like coca cola.

Lose Weight At Christmas

Tips To Lose Weight At Christmas Time

*Alcohol has a heck of a lot of calories in it so order smaller beverages and make your drink last longer by drinking them slowly – it might also help to alternate with water between each alcoholic beverage.

Alcohol calorie content guide:

Spirits – 55 calories
Small glass (125ml) of wine – 80-120 calories
Large glass (250ml) of wine – 160-250 calories
Small Baileys – 140 calories
Can of lager – 220 calories

Drink a small amount of soda and limit how many you have. Don’t drink big glasses or super sizers of sugary beverages. A small shot glass of soda might be a good guide to go by or you could share one small bottle of soda with someone so your not drinking it all by yourself.

Christmas Party Food – Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips for the Christmas party have to be the holy grail of weight loss during the holiday season since Christmas party season can start in November and last until January. Christmas parties are lots of fun we all know that and Christmas party food is yummy, but it’s usually junk food filled with fat and packed with sugar which can pile on the pounds without you realizing it if you don’t watch what your doing.

Lose Weight Before Christmas

*Buffet foods are little fat bombs, so set yourself a limit, such as one mince pie and one mini eclair and stick to it.

*You don’t have to eat something just because you are offered it. There’s nothing wrong with leaving food or not eating something if you don’t like it – your an adult not a five year old.

*Don’t go to a Christmas party or Christmas dinner hungry, you’ll end up eating more if you miss meals. It’s not a good idea to hold off all day from food because you’ll be having a big dinner at a Christmas party – you’ll be famished and start picking at food and snacking which is hard to keep a check on particularly when most of the food will be rich in calories. Your body will make you eat more than you need to compensate for it being starved, NEVER starve yourself.

*Enjoy the conversation not the horderves. Christmas isn’t about getting drunk or eating yourself into a coma, it’s about family and friends. Focus on being with people you care about, rather than how much food your going to stuff yourself with, look forward to the time with others rather than what food will be there.

*Only choose food to eat that you really like, don’t eat something for the sake of it just because it’s there, if your not that keen then don’t put it in your mouth. Think quality not quantity.

*Use the palm rule when eating Finger foods like chips, crisps,peanuts, pretzels, cheese and mini sausages etc…. Cup one hand, fill it, eat contents and don’t eat any more.

Surviving Christmas on a Diet

It can be hard to survive Christmas on a diet so tell family and friends that you are on a diet so they don’t over feed you and you don’t eat or drink to much.

Lose Weight After Christmas

*Rule number one to surviving Christmas on a diet is go into it with the right mindset and a positive attitude. If you assume your going to put weight on then it’s more than likely you will. I know everyone draws to the conclusion that it is a given that ‘everyone’ gains weight at Christmas, but that isn’t true.

*Set a meal plan, if you have a Christmas meal plan then it will help in not over buying and having to much food in the house to temp you into eating extra food. Do the same for treats and chocolate have a plan on what to buy, how many and when to eat them.

*Don’t try to guess what people will like and end up buying everything but the kitchen sink. Buy what you like and stick to your meal plan. If your guests have a problem with it, well they can go home and eat at their place. You don’t owe them anything since your giving them free food.

*Don’t mindlessly eat, Christmas is a time where food is always at hand particularly at a Christmas party with open tins of chocolates, open bowls and fresh baked Christmas cookies on the counter top. Try NOT to eat for the sake of eating when your stood talking to someone, dipping in and out of bowls as you chat. Stick to any rules you have set yourself.

*Sitting in front of the TV or your bored is a hunger trigger. So keep yourself busy. Shift your focus away from food onto something more constructive. Christmas isn’t just about food, it’s about family and making memories so go play with the kids, enjoy conversations with family you barely see, get the family together and play games or go for a walk.

*Christmas desserts taste just as yummy in smaller portions as they do in mountainous heaps.

*You don’t need a sky-scrappers worth of Christmas cake that you can’t see over the top of to enjoy Christmas. Take your time savoring ever bite of food you put in your mouth, rather than wolfing it down without really tasting it.

*Eat Christmas dessert with a smaller spoon. Sit and enjoy the moment with your family, take your time and appreciate the flavors and enjoy the experience.

*Best weight lose tip of all eat smaller portions of everything, Christmas party food, sweets, Christmas desserts and Christmas dinner. Smaller portion is the key to weight lose.

*Serve out your own portion size. Don’t get someone else to serve out your Christmas dinner. Family are notorious for having the mindset of happiness comes in large portion and how much they love you is shown by how much they can fit on an over sized plate. You know how much you need so take control.

*Our best friends on the portion control diet has been our smaller plates and bowls. If your eating at someone else’s house take them with you. using smaller plates and bowls stops you from over loading your plate and controls your portion size.

*Make your chocolate last. You can bet your bottom dollar someone will buy you chocolate at Christmas especially if your overweight. Folks seem to think there’s nothing more to you than eating :( Best thing to do is eat treats a little at a time making it last as long as possible, set yourself a challenge to see if you can make that box of chocolate last into the new year.

*Giving away food or sharing it with others is a great tip to lose weight at Christmas. Sharing makes you feel good and leaves you with no feelings of resentment. If you got foody Christmas presents think about giving them away to the neighbors rather than eating them yourself.

Easy Weight Loss – Simple maths

Easy weight loss comes down to applying simple maths, put more food into your body than you need and you will put on weight.
Don’t and you wont.
In other words stop over indulging and seeing it as the norm and you will lose weight. Simple equation for Christmas weight lose, simple equation for life.

Easy Weight Loss

If you lose 1-2 pounds a week your on the right track. experts advise losing 1-2lbs a week as it’s an healthy weight loss reduction that wont result in medical complications.

If your weight has stayed stable during the Christmas period this is still good it means you didn’t eat any extra calories and you kept your portion sizes the same.

If you gain weight at Christmas you ate to much, but don’t sweat it Christmas isn’t the end all and be all of weight loss, tomorrow is another day.

All your tomorrows are just as much fun as Christmas and you have your whole life full of wonderful days in front of you. Any one of them are as good as any other to turn your life around and lose weight.