The blindfold diet is a great weight loss activity to enable you to know what your ideal portion size is and tells you how much food you really need to feel full and satisfied. It’s done by wearing a blindfold to dinner!

It might seem a bizarre and a gimmicky diet plan, but the blindfold diet has actually been studied by scientist to see if wearing a blindfold could help in portion regulation, the results look promising.

Blindfold Diet

Weight Loss and the Obesity Epidemic

Weight Loss seems to be getting harder to combat and we are going through an obesity epidemic. The modern world is suffering from the backlash of over consumption and the obesity epidemic is mainly attributed to over eating in our day to day diet. We are suffering from portion distortion due to super sizing our meals. It was discovered from the blindfold diet research that on average people are eating 30-50% more food than they need at meal times.

Weight Loss Facts Served Cold

I know for a fact my hubby and I both got fat from eating to much food during meal times and we would never have achieved our weight loss goals if we had continued to eat larger then necessary portion of food. I can tell you we defiantly needed a blindfold when we looked in the mirror, our reflections wasn’t pretty after years of abusing food. It wasn’t so much about what we were eating but how much. Our diet wasn’t that bad but we had fallen mindlessly into the trap of over eating. It didn’t matter that our diet wasn’t that bad, even if you lived off nothing but carrots if you ate to many you would get fat. No food has no calories and all food if abused has the potential to make you fat.

Over eating has made it so society doesn’t know when to stop devouring food, 24-7 food is everywhere and is easy to get a hold of in giant sized portions, never stopping to think what eating to much is doing to us.

Why are we eating to much?

Blindfold Diet Plan – The Eyes Don’t Have It

Turns out our eyes are telling us lies, our vision has the ability to over ride signals to the brain from the stomach that tells us were full and need to stop. The blindfold diet plan enables the dieter to take back control of their appetite and health by re-educating themselves not to relying on vision to dictate how much they should eat.

The bottom line is the blindfold diet is all about eating with our stomachs – not our eyes.

By removing vision from the equation the only indication to know you are full will come from the stomach and will be a true indicator of how much you need to eat to be full and will curb over feeding.

Following The Blindfold Diet

The blindfold diet is simple, fun and will have you on the right track to know what a proper portion size is. Below is a run down on what to do to follow the blindfold diet, but I have more top tips here on how to get the most out of the blindfold diet.

*Put the amount of food you normally eat – on your plate or in a bowl.

*Sit at a table – don’t forget a napkin in case things get messy :)

*Look at your food – memorize where everything is.

*Place a blindfold on – and eat until you feel full. It also might help to have someone watch and direct you where you food is when your wearing the blindfold.

*Take the blindfold off – and see how much food is left on your plate and get ready to be surprised. Congratulations! you have just discovered this is the correct portion size for you and is a size portion you should eat at all meal times.