The Mediterranean Pyramid is one of the most popular ways of understanding what steps you need to take in following a Mediterranean diet.

A Mediterranean diet is said to be a great way to maintain a healthy diet and to live a long healthy life, but what do you eat and how much of each food group do you consume and how often.

That’s where a Mediterranean pyramid comes into it’s own. Food pyramids make understanding the dietary requirements of a healthy diet by enabling people to visualize what to eat on a particular diet so they can incorporate the food groups into their meal plan.

Mediterranean Diet – What to do

Mediterranean Pyramid

Mediterranean Pyramid – The Low Down on What to Eat and When

* Red Meat should only be eaten 3-4 times a month – which is roughly every 7-10 days

*Sweets, eggs, olives, pulses and nuts, poultry and fish should be eaten weekly.

Recommended servings a week are:
Sweets 2-3 times a week
Eggs 3 times a week
Potatoes 3 servings
Olives, Pulses, Beans and Nuts 3-4
Poultry 4 servings a week
Fish 5-6 servings a week

(Fish is best served grilled, baked or broiled rather than fried and avoid breaded fish from the freezer section in the supermarket)

(Remember Sweets mean anything sugary – it doesn’t just mean a chocolate bar or candy. Cakes, puddings, ice cream, dough-nuts, cookies etc should only be eaten 2-3 times a week)

*Dairy Products, olive oil, fruit and vegetables, whole grain bread, cereal, brown rice and pastas can be consumed daily on a Mediterranean diet

Recommended Daily Servings are:
Dairy Products 2 servings a day
Fruit 3-4 servings a day
Vegetables 6 servings a day
Bread, cereal, rice and pasta 8
Olive Oil as the main added lipid servings

(when choosing bread make sure it’s whole-grain, opt for brown rice and pasta and choose cereal that is low in sugar and whole grain varieties)

* Exercise daily, drink plenty of water and consume red wine moderately, replace salt with herbs to add flavor to Mediterranean recipes .

Mediterranean Food Plan – Why Choose a Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Food Pyramid

The Mediterranean food plan will have you eating foods that are low in saturated fat, rich in healthy oils, and packed with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Unlike the modern diet in countries like the USA and UK that over uses

*Contain harmful trans fats
*Consumes an unhealthy amount of over processed food
*Relies heavily on fast food, sugary coffees and alcohol
*Eats to much red meat which produces unhealthy cholesterol in the body.

A Mediterranean diet is far healthier in comparison to a modern diet and a much better diet to follow for your over all health.

Losing Weight on a Mediterranean Diet

If you follow any healthy life style you will lose weight. The Mediterranean diet is one of the best diets and has been studied by leading scientist as being one of the healthiest diets in the world which is why the Mediterranean diet is so popular.

Mediterranean meals promote healthy living, but if you consume to much of a good thing you will put weight on no matter how good the diet, so it’s best to have proper meals sizes to maintain your ideal weight and not over eat to much food for it to be successful in helping you to lose weight.

Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid