Whether your embarking on losing weight, changing your career propects, wanting to be more happy or stepping into the unknown, this life quote is a great place to start.

I know for a fact that when I decided to lose weight I had to alter the way I thought about food and my life style. My positive attitude towards losing weight was the most powerful motivator and personal cheer leader I had.

Positive Thoughts change you for the better

Positive thoughts and giving myself common sense advice, taking each day as it came and not making a big deal about losing weight or over reacting to gaining a little was the most positive aspect of the whole process. I didn’t expect to lose weight I just went about my life changing my thoughts a bit at a time. In fact I didn’t even weight myself for 4 months into my diet plan so that no negativity or false hope had a place to take root in my mind.

Successfully Losing Weight and I couldn’t tell

Funny thing is I couldn’t tell I was losing weight because it was winter and I was wearing thick woolly jumpers and heavy coats to keep warm. You look enormous no matter who you are when you wearing several layers of clothes in a house that has no heating system, I didn’t know I’d lost weight until spring :)

Life Quotes Change Your World

Powerful Words

I thought differently and because of it I successfully lost weight and a large part of it was down to the power of words. Words are one of the most powerful tools we have and we all have that power. It’s not something just one set of people have, we all have the ability to change our own world by the power of thought. To have life quotes help shape our life experiences about how we think and feel with a few chosen words to motivate ourselves and keep us going on a path to lose weight. It all starts with a that little voice in our heads to make common sense prevail in difficult times.

*I taught myself not to over eat by being more relaxed about food and learning to enjoy every bite.

*I didn’t over fill myself because I told myself hey I’ll be eating more food in 3-4 hours time no need to panic.

*I didn’t get anxious about how much I was eating, I trusted my body to know when I had had enough and I told myself that I know the body can live off very little food and still survive quite happily so I didn’t need to over eat and chow down on super-sized portions to be full or survive.

*I learned one solitary square of chocolate is as good as a whole bar of chocolate to curb a craving.

*I reminded myself that choosing not to eat doughnuts, pizza, cakes and other sweet treats today didn’t mean I would never eat them.

*Food is plentiful in the developed world – we are very lucky, so not buying something in the supermarket one week means it will be there for me the next, I didn’t need that bag of crisps there and then, they’re not going anywhere.

*I realized that all food is yummy so no diet is boring or not sexy.

*Knowing that losing a pound in a week is a great success it adds up to a lot of pounds in a month or year.

*Our bodies fluctuate in weight and that people’s weight one week could be down and the next week it’s up even if there skinny and are not on a diet, it’s normal not a failure.

*Gaining weight wasn’t difficult so losing weight isn’t difficult – it’s just the reverse of eating to much and getting fat, eat less you get thinner.

Changing The Way You Think

These were some of the changes I made in the way I thought about food while I was on my diet and there is no doubt that without my own powerful words ringing in my ears I would never have changed my life.

I changed my thoughts and it did change my world. No excuses, no stressing, no expectations or planning to fail. I just lived a normal life that I controlled with life quotes like this one.

Anything is possible if you change your thoughts and a new world is waiting for you when you do.

Skinny Me xxx