There are unlimited amounts of easy weight loss tips out there. I know it seems that every weight loss blog promises the holy grail to easy weight loss ideas.

Some weight loss tips are sound, others are unbelievable non-sense, but the simplest weight loss tips are always the best and easiest to follow, along with having the greatest chance of helping dieters to seriously lose weight.

Easy Weight Loss Guide

Never Skip Meals – Never skip a meal, as soon as you start to feel hungry eat. Skipping a meal might seem like an easy way to lose weight, but it will have the opposite effect on what you are trying to achieve. Instead of losing weight skipping meals will make you gain weight.

Easiest Weight Loss Tips

Eat in Moderation – Portion control is a key part to losing weight and is the easiest weight lose tips you can take. Eating to much of any food even the healthy stuff will result in you gaining not losing weight. Portion distortion has blindly lead the developed world to eat more than we need on our plates. That doughnut your about to eat and think is the perfect portion size for a treat is 30-50% bigger than a doughnut was 20 years ago and is filled with far more fat, sugar and salt than the recipe requires. No one needs the amount of food we now consume on our plates and for snacks on a daily basis. Eating in moderation by eating the correct portion sizes is vital to losing weight.

Easy Ways To Stop Piling On The Pounds

Only Eat When You Are Hungry – Eating can be formed by habit as much as necessity. Breaking these habits is the only way to easily stop piling on the pounds. How many times have you settled down to watch your favourite soap with a chocolate bar, pop corn or bags of crisps. Eating junk once in a blue moon is fine, but everyday and you’ve stepped into the realms of habbit forming. Eating without really thinking is a sure fired way of piling on the pounds by adding extra unnecessary calories onto your daily diet, so It’s best to take a step back and ask yourself – Am I Hungry, Do I want That, Do I need That.

Food Is My Friend Diet

Food is Neither Your Friend or Your Enemy – Food is impartial, It’s not out to get you or there to make you feel better. Foods only function is to keep us healthy, balanced and alive. Believing “food is my friend” or “Enemy” is not a way of life or a diet ethos to endorse. Food needs to be respected and used responsibly. Food keep us alive and feeds our bodies, but if we abuse food and eat to much – we risk dieing of obesity related diseases and if we don’t eat enough – We risk dieing of malnutrition.

At the first sign of you thinking friend or foe towards food you should consult your doctor and get professional help. Talk to family members, friends or confide in someone you trust about your anxiety towards food.

Drinking Water

Drink Water Not Soda – Everyone by now should know the evils of soda and the impact it has on fueling the obesity epidemic. An easy weight lose tip is to drink water and cut out the soda from your diet. Drinking water has zero calories, soda has 140 calories in a 330ml can. Counting the calories, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out which one should be drank everyday and which one should be drank rarely in your diet.

Healthy Diet Advise

Throw Out The Junk – Getting rid of the junk food in the house should be a first step to a healthy diet. If junks not there to temp you and in easy reach you can’t eat it. The reality is all food tastes yummy and is a treat, not just junk food.

Reducing Sugar From Your Diet

Limit Sugar and Salt Intake – Reducing sugar and salt sounds easier than it is in a modern diet, Sugar and salt is in everything so what is the easy weight loss solution to cutting down on the amount you consume. Not eating processed food, condiments like sauces, weight loss foods, stopping sprinkling sugar on fruit or on top of cakes and drink tea or coffee without the white stuff, is a good place to start in reducing how much sugar and salt you consume, but the best and easiest way to know how much salt and sugar is in your diet is to make your own meals, puddings and eat fresh so you know exactly how much sugar and salt is in your food.

Mediterranean Diet

Eat Fresh, Drink Clean – One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to eat fresh and drink clean. Your diet should consist of mainly eating fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy meats following the likes of a Mediterranean diet. All the best diets in the world eat fresh foods – drinking alcohol and sugary drinks should be cut to a minimum – alcohol, sugary coffees and soda have a lot of calories so should be consumed responsibly.

Losing Weight Through Exercise or Diet

Lose Weight In The Kitchen, Get Fit in The Gym – You can work as hard as you like in the gym, but you’ll never see your efforts reflected in the mirror if you don’t sort out your diet. You have to work on your diet just as much, if not more than in the gym to lose weight. My hubby and I didn’t increase our exercise but concentrated solely on our diet to lose weight. I’m a firm believer that weight loss is achieved in the kitchen far more than it is in the gym.

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