Now I’ve lost weight I’m ready for my next challenge, drinking water.

I’m really getting into healthy living and I want to replace my tea and coffee consumption in a day with cups of o2 instead.

I’ve lost weight and I’m at my ideal IBM, so why do I need to start drinking water?

I lost weight on the portion control diet and I’m now a skinny me, but just because I’m at my ideal weight doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be healthier and live off a better diet. Drinking plain water is the next logical step.

Water Diet

Fact about drinking water is I just don’t like it

The fact is drinking water is good for you and has many health benefits, problem is me and water don’t get along. A love letter between me and water might go something like this.

Dear Water, things aren’t working out between us, your just not sweet enough and well your kinda boring. It’s not really you, it’s me….we need to break up.

Don’t get me wrong on a hot day and your gagging for a cool cold drink, switching on the tap and gulping down a fresh cup of the clear stuff is wonderful, but under those extreme condition is about the only time I enjoy water.

Drinking Water is Good for you, yes but I don’t wanna

I’d like to say I want to start drinking water because it’s good for you blah, blah, blah but the truth is drinking coffee and tea makes me feel like crap if I drink to much and since giving up sugary beverages I kind of have no other choice but to try water.

So the challenge is on to change my ways and learn to like and dare I even say love water.

If I can learn to drink tea without sugar and succeed in losing weight after a decade of over eating which caused me to get fat, I should be able to learn to love water – shouldn’t I?

How much water to drink

How much water should I drink? I don’t want to be drinking nothing but water in a day, but to replace a few cups of tea with water instead would be a good start.

First thing to do is track what and how much I’m drinking.

I don’t drink alcohol so that’s not included in my calculations, but I do drink other beverages like hot chocolate, fruit teas, milk and juice occasionally but mostly I drink tea, well I am English and we love a good brew :)

Tea – 7 mugs
Coffee – 4 mugs
Other – 1 mugs

Just looking at my results it’s easy to see I’m drinking way to much tea and coffee in a day. I drink my tea with at least 1/4 cup of full fat milk (I like it milky) even though now I’m a skinny me both during and after losing weight I’ve never stopped eating full fat products.

Zero Calorie Foods – Water Is Aces On A Zero Calorie Diet

I know…. People expect you to eat zero calorie foods by consuming low fat spreads, yogurt, cheese and milk when you go on a diet to reducing calorie intake to as close to zero as you can get and one of the first things they say has to go first in your diet is full fat products.

Luckily drinking water is as close as you can get to zero calories so water is aces when your on a diet.

I’ve never bought low fat or weight loss foods. I lost weight on the smaller portion diet and you can eat what ever you like, just not as much as you like.

Water Diet This Is Not

This is not a water diet I am only substituting a couple of cups of tea and switching them to water. We’ve all heard that the recommended daily amount of water we should drink is 8 glasses but I don’t plan to drink that much. I have no intention of going as far as to drink nothing but water, I’d be happy with any where between 1 – 4 cups of plain water a day.

I get enough fluids in a day already so I don’t need to go nuts. I don’t need to become obsessed with drinking nothing but water and follow some crazy water diet for the rest of my life – Not that you could live of nothing but water since it has zero calories. Believe it or not but calories are good in the proper portion sizes even things like chocolate has it’s benefits.

Bottled Water – Yes, No, Maybe

Now do I drink bottled water or water from the tap. Do I filter it or swallow it straight down neat. I could flavour it, but then do I opt for natural flavourings or syrup. Should it be Sparkling water perhaps or flavoured bottled water? I could soda stream it or leave it be and drink it how it’s supposed to be plain with a dash of lime or stick a tea bag in a cup and go all herbal and fruity.

Drinking Water

mmm… who would have thought drinking water would be so complicated.

I’ve never tried bottled water so I’ll be interested to see if all the hype about bottled water tasting better than tap water is true.

How To Break A Negative Attitude

My biggest hurdle is going to be me breaking the negative attitude I have about water. One thing I learned through losing weight is attitude and mindset is the most important thing in achieving a change in your life.

Change Your Thoughts And You’ll Change Your World

Altering the way you look about things is the only way to succeed, so I have to find a mental discipline to accept drinking water as one of my main beverage in a day. Ideally I should be looking at 2 coffee, 3 tea, 2 other and the rest water.

So here I go setting out on my drinking water challenge on a Tuesday in the middle of summer – Wish me Luck :)

Skinny Me xxx