Losing Weight at Christmas! is that even possible, to lose weight during the Christmas period.

Who goes on a Christmas diet? Losing weight before and after Christmas is one thing, but losing weight during Christmas surely not!

Some people might think your crazy to be on a diet at Christmas. Christmas is the season of over indulging, even Santa is the cover boy of all things fat and roly poly. There isn’t much encouragement to lose weight during Christmas.

Christmas Diet

People normally put on extra pounds at Christmas not take them off. Losing weight is normally something we worry about after Christmas that’s what New Years Resolutions were invented for :) but not everyone has the same idea about Christmas. Some people want to enjoy the season and not gain a pound, but can you? is it possible to lose weight during the Christmas celebrations with all that rich indulging Christmas food begging to be eaten.

Weight Loss Diet Plan During Christmas

I started our weight lose diet in October weeks before Halloween and my husband started our diet plan in December weeks before Christmas. Yep we both decided to lose weight at the most difficult time of the year in the middle of chocolate season when we are socially encouraged to over indulge in over eating. Not the easiest time to decide to lose weight.

Easy Weight Loss Christmas

Lose Weight at Christmas

Did we do it, did we lose weight at Christmas! you can bet your granny’s false teeth we did. Not just for one Christmas but we have gone through three Christmas’s and lost weight on them all.

I bet your thinking that we were miserable and missed out on all the fun of Christmas. Sat in a corner starving while everyone else devoured the tastiest food and yummiest chocolates in front of us. Nope, we ate what everyone else was eating and had just as much fun.

Christmas Diet – Smaller Is Better

Now your wondering what magical Christmas Diet did we follow.

We didn’t follow a diet or at least not a typical weight lose diet for our Christmas miracle. We started the small portion diet plan it worked for us to losing weight even at Christmas. On the portion control diet you control your portion sizes and get to eat whatever you want nothing is denied. It’s a relaxed diet plan, perfect for the Christmas season.

Christmas Diet Tips

Diets To Lose Weight – What Worked for Us At Christmas

Finding a Diet to lose weight on can be difficult but when we lost weight during Christmas we knew we were onto a winner.

On the portion control diet you don’t deny yourself anything so your free to eat whatever you want, the only limitation is on how much you eat at meals and during snacking – if you choose to snack.

We had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings for our Christmas dinner and indulged in creamy Christmas desserts. There wasn’t any weight lose foods, celebrity diets, diet pills, carrot sticks and certainly no starvation at our Christmas party. All we did was eat and drink smaller portions and it controlled our weight.

The bottom line is we cut out the greed from our Christmas diet – NOT the fun.

Christmas Desserts – Eat Them But Not Them All

SO what did we do about Christmas desserts and chocolates? – we ate them “and you still lost weight” I hear you cry “how did you do that?” by being picky.

We rated our Christmas desserts against one another to find out what we liked the most, that way we didn’t end up eating everything on offer. We Asked ourselves the question do you like Christmas cake or Christmas pudding the most…
Christmas Cake or Mince pies,
mince pies or ice cream, until we whittled it down to our favorite Christmas foods.

Christmas Desserts Weight Loss

Christmas Shopping For Our Favorite Foods

We only ate Christmas Party food and chocolate that we love. No more Christmas shopping and coming home with Cadbury’s roses and Nestle’s Quality Street tin’s that we don’t really like, but always brought ever year….? we’d eat them all, even the ones we hated! What’s that about?

For Christmas Dessert we had a hot mince pie with a drizzle of fresh cream served with a juicy satsuma, instead of an over sized bowl of stodgy Christmas pudding with custard that I loath, but always ate…..?

There’s always food you prefer over another if you take the time to think about it. Rather than mindlessly loading up your spoon and shovel it into your mouth, without thinking

Best advice I can give anyone on a weight loss diet particularly at Christmas is Think! before you put food into your body. If you don’t like Christmas cake strike it off the Christmas Shopping list, don’t buy it, don’t even have it in the house.

Weight Loss Help

It helps in losing weight if you have the attitude that if it’s going into my body then it better be something I really like. Turn down a pudding if there is something you like more.

We turned away from food that doesn’t do it for us at Christmas and we didn’t feel like we where missing out. You can’t miss out on something you don’t really like or are not that bothered about.

We also didn’t over buy. I’ve learned to have the attitude that there is no reason to eat everything in sight since it’s readily available in the shop all year long so if you turned down a pudding on Christmas day you could buy it for Valentines day, Easter or just because at any time of the year.

To succeed on a weight loss diet it’s as much about changing your mindset towards food as it is your diet.

Christmas Weight Loss

Easy Weight Loss – Limit Your Portions

Losing weight at Christmas is easy, it’s not that daunting if you limit your portion sizes and stick to it. In fact losing weight is easy before, during or after Christmas. From our experience it’s easy to lose weight at any time of the year if you eat smaller portion to control your weight, anyone can do it do.

Success depends on self control and if you serious about changing your life you can keep the pounds at bay during Christmas by not over eating and having huge portion sizes of both food and alcohol.