I love light snacks and lunches and since I’m on a smaller portions diet now and forever to cease and desist weight gain in the future, I came up with this chicken and pumpkin seed grilled cheese recipe. It’s perfect for a low calorie diet and makes and ideal quick meal.

Lost Weight by Eating Itty Bitty Small Portion Sizes

It’s been over 2 years since I lost weight on my weight lose plan. Before I started my small portion diet I was a UK dress size 20 plus, now I’m a size 8 and feel great especially with all these healthy recipe ideas I keep coming up with. I’m getting a real feel for cooking now I have a healthier diet plan and I’m enjoying cooking so much more using tasty fresh ingredients. Being more adventurous and trying new things is giving me a real buzz when the recipe turns out well :)

Quick Recipes Chicken Pumpkin Seed Grilled Cheese

Quick Meal Ideas Needed – What Can I Make

I came up with this quick recipe when I had to find something fast to eat for my hubby who wasn’t feeling well, I pulled the ingredients together off the shelf. I think chicken or turkey would work best for this fast recipe, but I didn’t have any turkey or chicken, so I used some slices of corned beef that I had left over in the fridge. corned beef worked well, I guess you could try any meat for this recipe, you’ll have to try it and tell me how it went :)

Quick Recipe Ideas was Absolutely Delicious

One of the best of the shelf recipe ideas I’ve come up with on the fly, it was delicious and made a lovely lunch time treat. My fussy hubby gave it a thumbs up so it must be good :)

Alternative Recipe Ideas

I’m a big fan of using fruit in recipes especially on toast with grilled cheese so I made it with some juicy black grapes but if you would like a more savory flavour then black olives should work well. The pumpkin seed was a first for me. I’ve been inspired by the Mediterranean diet and I’m trying to use seeds and pulses in my recipes, I’ve never cooked with seed before and like I said you could try different meats or leave the meat out altogether for a veterinarian option, cheese and fruit go so well together and the pumpkin seeds give it a nice kick.

Cooking Tips – Pumpkin Seeds Disaster Averted

Be careful when grilling the cheese that the seeds don’t burn while cooking. I had to take a bathroom break while I was cooking lunch (I have a cold kitchen that can catch my bladder unaware at the most inopportune moments :)) and I almost burned the pumpkin seeds while I was away, so keep a close eye on the pumpkin seeds under the grill. Luckily I caught them just before they turned black or this recipe might not have made it on my site as a tasty quick recipe idea.

Chicken and Pumpkin Seed Grilled Cheese on Toast Recipe


* Slice of Turkey or Chicken
* 4-5 black grapes
* Grated cheddar cheese
* Pumpkin seeds
* Whole grain bread
* Lettuce

1. Lightly toast the bread on both side

2. Cut the grapes in half

3. Put a slice of chicken on to the bread and top with the grapes, cheese and seeds

4. Grill until the cheese has melted

* Serve on a bed of lettuce*

Recipe Ideas What’s Yours

I hope you enjoy my recipe and if anyone has any ideas to improve or altered the recipe I’d love to hear what you did with your chicken and pumpkin seed grilled cheese recipe.Happy Eating!

Marie XXX