I’ve got 23 diet plan tips to help you lose weight like we did and you don’t have to deny yourself a thing or work yourself into a coma with an exhausting exercise program.

It’s true checkout our before and after pictures.

Eat What ever you want and lose weight!

If your raising an eyebrow at me sceptically then let me explain. We’ve been on our diet plan for three years and we haven’t looked back since. Gone are the days of looking like an over inflated beach ball. We’re now slim, sleek and at 40 were rocking bodies we had when we were teens. Our diet plan was so easy to lose weight on, the pounds flew off and We have kept it off which is more important when your on a diet and we didn’t need to sacrifice on our favourite foods to get there.

Diet Plan

The Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight on is…..The Small Portion Diet

The best thing about the small portion diet plan is anyone can do it, there are no special or bizarre tricks to lose weight this way, just eat smaller portions of food.

With a little practice, portion control is easy to do and has helped us to be successful in reaching and then maintaining a proper weight. We didn’t follow a calorie counting diet. To be honest I find calorie counting confusing – exactly how many calories are in one walnut or a small apple juice or a pile of vegetable mash potato?

To use a Calorie Counting Diet or Not to use a Calorie Counting Diet, That is The Diet Question!

My maths isn’t that good and I don’t have the patience to work out how many calories are in my food or weigh my food before eating it, but saying that I can see a calorie counting diet being successful. A calorie counting diet plan is like the smaller portions diet but more technical and precise. When you do start looking at calories in food on the back of packets it’s easy to see how people gain so much weight.

Easy Diet Plan – Eat What You Want Diet

There are no forbidden foods on the smaller portions diet but there are limits on how much you eat – not on what you eat, but like any diet it’s best to eat healthy foods for the most part of your daily diet. It’s about satisfying a craving with just a few bites rather than devouring large amounts.

Calorie Counting Diet

We learned how to eat what we craved – like fried and sugary foods in small portions, balancing them out with lean and fresh healthy choices.

Diet Plan With Common Sense

The small portions diet is a diet plan based on common sense. Food choices and portion amount is the driving force to losing weight on the smaller portions diet. Being ever mindful of how much your body needs and not over eating food is the key.

We ate the same food we have always eaten but in reduced amounts and lost the vast majority of our weight in the first year (this was around 2 stones each)

Weight Lose Program Now and Forever

We are still on our weight lose program and it’s maintaining our weight. Eating smaller portions is now a way of life for my husband and I, we eat everything in moderation and deny ourselves nothing. If we want it, we eat it, the only thing that has changed is our portion size.

Following a smaller portion diet is about being sensible – We over ate food to put weight on – We lost weight by eating less food on our plate throughout the day. It really is that simple.

Small Portion Diet Plan

We didn’t need anyone’s help to put weight on and it turned out we didn’t need a celebrity diet, personal trainer or weight loss scientists and their diet pills to take it off, just Old Fashioned Self Control.

You Gain Weight by Eating to Much, You Lose Weight by Eating Less.

23 Top Tips to lose weight – With the Smaller Portions Diet

1. When snacking on a small portion diet plan, think lining the stomach not filling it – a palm of nuts, a tangerine, suck a square of chocolate, a teaspoon of peanut butter or a couple of tablespoons of ice cream – rather than a whole bar of chocolate, a cone full of ice-cream, a bag of crisps or a trip to a fast food restaurant.

2. Use smaller plates, bowls and cups at meal times – This really helped us and is one of the best weight lose tips I can give anyone.

3. Stick to regular meal times so the temptation to put off dinner by having a snack is stopped in it’s tracks – if your hungry go eat food don’t put it off.

4. Listen to your hunger cues, eat when hungry and stop when your comfortably full, not overly full. We found that it didn’t matter how much or how little we ate we still got hungry at the same time no matter the portion size, so how much you eat is irrelevant to when you will next get hungry. Eating more does not last longer than a small portion.

5. Don’t eat things for the sake of it or because it’s in-front of you, get into the habit of leaving food on your plate and refusing food your not that bothered about. You don’t have to finish every morsel on your plate.

6. When you stretch for the snacks make sure your hungry and not thirsty. Instead of having junk food easily at hand keep a water bottle at the side of you instead.

7. Break your food consumption into 4-6 meals a day rather than 3 large meals with hours in-between before eating. We eat 4 meals a day roughly every 3-4 hours and snack very little, but some people have had success losing weight on the smaller portion diet by eating 5-6 times a day. breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, supper.

8. Wear a blindfold at dinner times to gage how much you need to eat to feel full. Your eyes can rule over your bodies response in telling you your full, your eyes see food on your plate and it tells the brain to eat it all. Wearing a blindfold helps your body take back control from your eyes and it will give you an idea of what size portion of food you need to be satisfied.

9. Work towards reducing down the amount of snacks you eat, then try missing the odd day, until you no longer need junk foods as snacks. I would strongly suggest trying to cut out as much sugar eventually from your diet as you can. Your body gets no benefit from refined sugars. The white stuff is the bad stuff.

10. When your starting out on a smaller portions diet don’t deny yourself anything, just eat a small amount. If you usually eat 1/2 a pizza cut it down to a 1/4 than a 1/8 or smaller until you hit a size over time that satisfies you if you have a soda reduce it down to a small cup, then 1/2 a small cup and the 1/4 of a small cup

11. Stick to your new meal sizes, don’t get into the habit of eating more than you need for a treat, Christmas, holiday or a wedding when food is on offer for free and bountiful or because you’ve lost a little weight.

12. If you splurge on food once in a while, remember to reduce the rest of your food in the day to compensate for the extra calories.

13. Learn to love food all food not just the sugary stuffs, really think about what you enjoy eating if your not that keen then don’t eat it and go for something you really like instead.

14. Eat slowly and enjoy the experience, chew food slowly and eat puddings with a small spoon taking little bits rather than loading it up

15. Reduce alcohol consumption and unhealthy sugary, soda and coffee drinks.

16. Get into the mindset “There will be more food at the next meal time”

17. When eating out cut you food in half and share your food with a friend or take it home for a meal the next day

18. Try to avoid using to much dressing, sauces and condiments on your food. Have a small amount of sauce or dressing on the side of your meal rather than all over the food so you can control how much you are consuming

19. When cooking with oil use a small amount and if frying oily meat dry fry it. The oil from the meat will be enough to cook it. Don’t pour oil directly onto your food and use a brush or a measuring spoon so you can control how much you are using in salads etc….

19. Divide food into single servings, re-portion your food stocks that are to be frozen or stored in the larder like – pasta, rice, cereal, bread, ice cream and meat into zip lock bags to store or freeze for later use. This one really helps with pasta since I always manage to make enough to feed a small country :)

20. Replace your usual beverage consumption like tea or coffee 50/50 with water throughout the day – have a Coffee, then for your next drink a water, coffee, water, coffee …..

21. Serve food straight onto plates rather than have a banquet style dinning experience at the table, which encourages over eating and people digging in for seconds.

22. Out of sight out of mind if you don’t buy junk food it wont be there to temp you.

23. Draw up a daily meal plan so you will know what to buy and what to make for dinner. Planning meals ahead means your less likely to be tempted by unhealthy choices at the supermarket or hitting a fast food restaurant in a pinch.

If anyone else has followed a smaller portions diet plan and have some tip and tricks that I missed please feel free to leave a comment below I’m always looking for new tips on weight lose ideas.