Sugar is a seductive mistress, lucky were in control not her. She can call you in the middle of the night, tempt you after dinner or tease you while you watch TV, but it’s up to you whether you answer the call or change your life by finding a healthier way of living without her.

I was a sugar addict back in the day before I change my life style. Now I’m not that bothered about sweet things, so I think I’m ready for the next stage.

Sugar Free Diet – Wish Me Luck

I’m planning on eliminating as much sugar as possible from my diet. I cook a lot of meals myself instead of having to rely on manufactured foods like sauces and soups. Next is baking my own food like bread and cakes to eliminate more sugar on my road to a much healthier diet.
Sugar Free Diet

Top Tips to Lose Weight Quick

Cutting sugar out of your diet is a quick change you can make to lose weight, but it means going cold turkey to see the results fast. It can be done if your dedicated enough, there are plenty of inspirational stories on-line that explains how you do it.

Me! I plan to have the odd treat once in a blue moon and eat small portions of my favourite foods. I’m wanting to cut down on my sugar intake not cut it out, maybe this will change though.

I’ve managed to reduce sugary treats in my diet through my weight lose plan that I started 3 years ago, since reducing sugar in my diet I’ve noticed a change in my attitude towards sugary foods. I don’t like them that much and if there too sweet or I eat to much I feel sick as well as my tongue breaks out in ulcers.

Weight Lose Plan

My plan is to continue cutting down on refined sugar in my diet until I get to a point where my sugar comes mainly from naturally sugary foods in my diet like friut, I don’t need to lose any more weight but I do need to go further on my journey to a healthier diet and sugar is the next step.

I want to be in control of how much sugar I consume and not rely on the food industry to make that decision for me.

I’ve already successfully started some of the tips to reducing sugar in my food comsumption and have adjusted my daily diet.

Avoiding sugar is hard, it hides in everything we buy from supermarket shelves and it’s so easy to grab the white stuff to sweeten up a sauce, but I’m going to do my damnedest to try.

10 Tips to Starting a Sugar Free Diet.

1. Go for a natural sugar boost from fruit instead of cane sugar filled treats

2. Choose low sugar foods, read the labels for sugar content and learn the alternative names food manufactures use a good point of reference anything ending ‘ose’ like fructose, glucose, sucrose is sugar

3. Beware! weight loss foods usually have a lot of sugar in them.10 Tips To Lose Weight Food manufactures are not your friend, don’t trust them to give you a healthy low sugar diet only trust yourself.

4. Cut out refined sugar a bit at a time, wean yourself of the white stuff in stages.

5. Wean yourself off sugar in tea and coffee and avoid daily sweet coffee boosts from coffee shops. Drink green tea, no sugar fruit green teas or water as an alternative.

6. When baking try sugar free or reduced sugar recipes

7. Get into the habit of only eating sugary treats like chocolate, bicuits, soda, doughnuts and cake occasionally through out the year rather than as a part of your daily diet.

8. Use natural sugar substitues like Xylitol, coconut sugar or Stevia a natural sweet tasting herb instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners like Splenda in food and recipes.

9. Avoid sugary alcoholic drinks on a regular basis.

10. Beware processed foods on supermarket shelves like bread, cereals, sauces, condements, soups and ready meals which have a lot of sugar hiding in them.